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Born: 1983
Current profession: Classified
Hobbies & Interests: Computing, R/C models, Photography, Art, DIY, Hobby Engineering, Nerf Modding, Music, Films, Airguns, Airsoft, PC Gaming, Sleeping


I originally set up this website way back in 2001 while I was still at secondary school, and at the time it was essentially just dedicated to Robotwars which was still popular on TV. This is where my questionable username choice of 'SuicideNeil' came from as a spin-off from my hypothetical team name 'The SuicideSquad', which in itself was borrowed from an NPC of the same name in the old Playstation One game 'Destruction Derby'. As time went on and Robotwars left the TV ( much to my horror ), the emphasis of the site shifted and since I was getting more heavily into R/C as a hobby I began charting my projects on the site.

After several years on various forums it became apparent that there was no real singular source of reliable info for beginners to the hobby, and after growing tired of seeing the same questions being asked on a daily basis I decided to start writing various guides and tutorials which I placed onto this site in their own dedicated pages for easy consumption and reference. Over time the guides grew larger and more detailed and I also added various other pages concerning my personal exploits and interests, for anyone interested in what I get upto with my own r/c models, model kits, and other various hobbies.

I am fairly active on Social Media ( links on the Homepage )-my Twitter page is mainly for sharing my opinions on various issues via sarcastic remarks and satirical pictures, memes and short rants that gets regularly, Instagram for sharing my Photography and Artwork, Deviant art for... some reason, Facebook for... no real reason, and a Youtube channel that sees sporadic uploads. The News section at the bottom of the Homepage logs site changes, updates on Social media and anything else interesting that happens in my life that's worth noting down.