That's right, not only do I build wicked R/C models and dish out top-notch advice, I also paint occasionally too. My favourite medium is watercolours which I developed a liking for at school, though after leaving and starting work that particular hobby fell by the wayside for many years until I decided to pick up my brushes again last year, and sold a few dozen paintings ( always a good sign when someone deems your work good enough to buy ).

Click the thumbnails below to view larger versions, most recent at at the bottom.

Last updated: 15/NOVEMBER/2013

 photo Painting2_zpsf9665602.jpg  photo Painting3_zps18ce38bc.jpg  photo Painting4_zps853b1b09.jpg  photo Painting5_zps497406da.jpg  photo Painting6_zps327b36b1.jpg  photo Painting7_zps7933f049.jpg  photo Painting8_zps343ca053.jpg

 photo Painting9_zpsff8e7a52.jpg  photo Painting10_zpsb3c17889.jpg  photo Painting11_zpse85ffd2d.jpg  photo Painting12_zps24a34888.jpg  photo Painting13_zpse779d19c.jpg  photo Painting14_zps3742069f.jpg  photo Painting15_zps0d1a3cf5.jpg

 photo Painting16_zps1f9a21cf.jpg  photo Painting17_zps4798bb59.jpg  photo Painting18_zpsb4ffad1b.jpg  photo Painting19_zps27fa4dd7.jpg  photo Painting20_zpsd995e77a.jpg  photo Painting21_zpsf5f81cc1.jpg  photo Painting22a_zps80be74a0.jpg

 photo Painting22b_zpsd19fca3e.jpg  photo Painting22_zpsa458f00e.jpg  photo Painting23a_zps27c0ac15.jpg  photo Painting23b_zps444ee3d4.jpg  photo Painting23_zpsb59379c7.jpg  photo Painting24a_zps4bb20f75.jpg  photo Painting24_zps4398d52f.jpg

 photo Painting25a_zps98297b99.jpg  photo Painting25_zpsa3c03ea5.jpg  photo Painting26a_zps97c189f8.jpg  photo Painting26_zpsb0f503da.jpg  photo Painting27_zpsf5f62fee.jpg  photo Painting28_zps001be9c4.jpg  photo Painting29_zpsb14c7dcf.jpg

 photo Painting30_zps33f6edf8.jpg  photo Painting31_zps9e5001cb.jpg  photo Painting32_zps16db08d9.jpg  photo Painting33_zpsb1a17a27.jpg  photo Painting34_zps9ff987c2.jpg  photo Painting35_zps93d2aa80.jpg  photo Painting36_zps72132c32.jpg

 photo Painting37_zpse1d5b302.jpg  photo Painting38_zps995d420f.jpg  photo Painting39_zpsec2feabb.jpg  photo Painting40_zps15183d6d.jpg  photo Painting41_zps3d514bb5.jpg