Two Handed Scottish Sword

Home Made DIY Sword Display Stand

Made from Saple Offcuts

Finished with three coats of Danish Oil

I've wanted a sword for a long time, always hankering after a replica of The Kurgan Sword from the Highlander movie. Trouble is, most replicas are cheap stainless steel, and any 'real' versions are prohibitively expensive. After a while I changed my mind and started wanting a replica of the William Wallace sword, but the same issues as before cropped up, along with there being several different versions with different details and fittings. At that point I started looking at a wider selection of sword retailers and found the awesome looking 2 handed Scottish sword, made by Windlass Steel Swords- details about the quality of steel are sketchy, but based on reviews of that and their other swords they seem to be decent quality for the price.

UPDATE 24/01/16: I purchased a small Medium & Fine oil stone and spent a couple hours hand-sharpening the sword- 2 sides, 2 edges, ended up taking a little while but it was quite therapeutic and was well worth the effort; the sword is now very sharp and easily slices through an old folded up T-shirt ( 16 layers ) with very little effort. Not the cleanest looking sharpening job but this was my first time working on such a large blade- looks aren't all that important on a practical weapon, it's still a beautiful looking sword and any minor blemishes just add character ( good excuse, lol ). I made a wooden display stand with a couple offcuts of West African Saple, chopped up with my bandsaw and shaped, sanded and finished with oil- couldn't find a stand suitable or to my liking so building my own worked out great. It's a fairly plain looking stand but chunky and far more solid than anything I could find from hours of searching the web. I'm very happy with the outcome and it looks great on the new white display unit I purchased to sit it on- my DIY Motorised Camera Slider sits underneath on the second shelf, perfect fit which is handy.



Left side

Right side

It's a big and beautiful pistol, very accurate ( more so than I am ) and very reliable. There are set of grooves on the barrel shroud, and I fully intend to get a pistol scope for it in the not too distant future. I especially like the fact that you have to cock the hammer after priming the action, kinda like an old six shooter, only, not.

UPDATE 1/06/06: Still looking for a decent pistol scope, the only ones Ive found so far are way to expensive for my budget.

UPDATE 22/08/09: Still looking for a cheap pistol scope, though I may try one of those holographic reddot sites, seeing as there are lots of cheap ones these days.

UPDATE 21/08/15: Finally found a decent Holographic sight for a low price, just need a weaver rail to dovetail mount adapter to fit it to the pistol.


RWS Series 500+

Harris Bipod

Custom stock alterations

Custom stock left side

Custom stock right side

Stock fitted

Custom made display stand

Remington Bench Rest

What can I say... this has to be one of the most impressive airrifles ever made at the time. It looks stunning; that synthetic green stock has been designed by the best in the business, none other than Gary Cane. The action is a piece of precision engineering, and the bluing is fantastic. The Ultimate silencer isn't all that amazing, but I guess you need to be about 40 yards down range to tell if its working or not. I spent a little time zeroing it the other day, and put in more than a few one hole groups, so accuracy isn't up for debate. My only gripe is firstly the price; 839 quid, and secondly the weight, although its meant to weigh only 5-6 lbs, it feels heavier because all the metal work is towards the very front, which tips the balance forward a bit. Then again, it does come with a bipod, so that's that problem sorted....

UPDATE 13/05/06: I sold the original Bipod on ebay for 20 quid. I did this because after a recent foray into the woods, it became apparent that it is only any use on perfectly flat, level ground. This means that on rough, uneven and sloping terrain you end up tilting the rifle over to one side, which ruins your accuracy. So I sold the bipod and bought a sling, which you can wrap around you wrist whilst lying down aiming the rifle, and is much more satisfactory.

UPDATE 22/08/09: I bought a Harris style adjustable spring loaded bipod shortly after selling the original, works a lot better. Haven't used the rifle terribly much lately, had some issues with broken seals that I couldn't get serviced even though the original vendor promises lifetime free servicing. Got them fixed myself eventually, God bless ebay for cheap O-ring seals.

UPDATE 05/09/11: A few months back I decided to have a custom stock made as I was unhappy with the ambidextrous standard version, gave poor cheek alignment for looking through the scope. I contacted a company called GINB who do a large range of beautiful custom stocks for all manner of air rifles and pistols, forwarded a crude MSPaint image of one of their stocks with some custom features and paid a deposit to begin the build. A couple months & a few email exchanges later to confirm the custom details, and they sent me the final images of the stock with its raised cheek piece & stippling panels, I was totally blown away. In all it cost 400 GBP but is worth it if you want a work of art for your beloved rifle to wear.

UPDATE 21/08/15: I recently purchased a new silencer for the rifle, A Bisley model that is a tiny bit longer and quieter than the original- looks rather nice though not much different really. I also purchased a Remington bench rest so I can shoot from a bench or other hard surface more accurately.


Hawke Sidewinder 6-18x52

My scope of choice to go with the 500 plus. Excellent magnification, crisp clear picture, range-finding parallax sidewheel, cool sniper style turrets, and a clever mil-dot reticle to aid aiming at longer/shorter distances from your zero range. Adds a few lbs to the weight of the rifle though, so muscle required.

UPDATE 01/06/06: After quite a lot of shooting sessions, I have come to the conclusion that this scope is great for hunting, having a fairly wide field of view even at high magnification, but it doesnt quite have enough zoom for very long range target work. Its still a brilliant scope though, and I bought an over-sized side wheel for the parallax adjustment dial. Some time in the future I will probably upgrade to a higher mag model, but this will do me fine for the time being.

UPDATE 22/08/09: Been looking at some quite cheap BSA scopes that have double the magnification of my Sidewinder, but I cant really see myself parting company with such a good scope.